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Celebrating Life: Show Your Pride, Canadian Style

Here are some fun ideas to celebrate Canada Day or Any Day this month:

Aboriginal Guest Speakers: Invite a First Nation Elder or chief to share their heritage and language. It is an opportunity to learn about First Nation history and traditions.

Block Party: Gather your neighbours and organize a street party to celebrate National Aboriginal Day, Multiculturalism Day, Canada Day or a Saint-Jean-Baptiste Celebration to commemorate Quebec’s 400th anniversary this year.

Camping:  The beautiful warm weather can give everyone the urge to get outdoors. The best way to satisfy this urge is to give in! Pick a Provincial Park from a road map, pitch a tent and mellow out for three days.

Charity Yard Sale: Combine your patriotic festivities with a neighbourhood yard sale. Donate profits to your favourite charity like the Canadian Diabetes Association or Canadian Red Cross.

Green Party: Organize friends and neighbours to pick-up trash at a local beach or park, schoolyards or playgrounds. Be environmentally conscious, use biodegradable and recycled products at all your Canada Day celebrations.  

Historic Tour: Ever wonder where those historical landmark signs on highways lead? Follow them! There are many local places rich with our nation’s heritage.

The Amazing ‘Canadian Race’. Teams can scour the community with clues, answering questions based on Canadian Trivia, with the last clue leading everyone back to a barbeque and bonfire.  

Watch Fireworks: Adults and children alike will marvel at the hypnotic beauty of exploding pyrotechnics. There are reasons why most Canadian communities offer their own fireworks displays under the guidance of local fire departments. Before buying some for your own celebration, find out what is the safest way for everyone to experience this fireworks celebration.  

There's a party going on all over the country, contact the Celebrate Canada Committee offices in your province or territory for information on events taking place where you live.  

There are countless ways to celebrate Canada Day, whether your event is indoors or outdoors, formal or casual; be creative, have fun and most importantly, Be Proud to be Canadian!

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